Photolab Studios is a collective powerhouse in anything and everything you might need to take your brand, show, company to the next level thru superior graphics. We specialize in graphic design with extensive experience in logo and brand design, apparel, motion graphics, and photo / video projects.


Whether you need a new logo or need some new marketing materials for an established brand, hit us up.

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Motion is powerful. If you have a YouTube or Vimeo channel, even possibly a TV show, the better your motion graphics are, the better your show will appear. And the better it looks, the more people that are going to view it.

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Need photos? Have camera, will travel.
Need video? Same as above.
Have photos and video already but dont know what to do with them? We edit too!

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In Summary

Whether its logos, design, animation, editing, or a good laugh, we are here to help you out. Feel free to contact us and we will build a game plan for the future of your company!